How to build a carpet cleaner in your home


The Eastridge workforce solution from carpet cleaner maker Cocteau is a simple one, but it’s a little more complicated than it sounds.

The idea behind the product is to give your carpet cleaner a unique look and feel by creating an “environmental coat” around it, according to a video posted to Coctéme’s YouTube channel.

The coat is made of a polymer that’s supposed to help your carpet clean.

It’s basically a transparent layer that’s attached to your carpet, allowing your carpet to have a unique feel.

To be more specific, the coat is designed to be able to absorb the moisture, oils, and dirt that get trapped in your carpet when you’re cleaning your home.

This means that the coat’s natural moisture absorption is more effective than a coat made of paint.

That means the coat will last longer, and will absorb the oils and dirt more effectively than a paint coat.

It’s a small step forward, but Coctes is confident that it can do more with the coat.

The company claims that the coating can absorb up to 75 percent of the oil, dirt, and moisture that gets trapped in a carpet.

That’s a huge improvement over the 30 percent that is absorbed in a typical carpet cleaner.

The company also says that the coated coat will keep your carpet safe, and the coat can even prevent the carpet from getting stained.

carpet cleaner solution eastridge workforce solutions

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