Browns buy new helmets for $5M worth of equipment

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The Browns are paying $5 million to buy new equipment for their players for the upcoming season, and they’re spending more than that to keep the equipment in tact.

According to the team, the new equipment is being installed by the end of the week.

The Browns have spent a total of $18.5 million so far on equipment purchases and upgrades for all 34 teams this season, including $5.1 million on the team’s new helmet and pads.

The $5-million figure comes after the team announced a $2.7 million upgrade to its footballs in December, which the Browns are planning to wear for their upcoming games.

The team said in a statement Tuesday that the new helmet will be a new design that will be the “most comfortable, toughest and most durable” on the field, and that it will include a “more streamlined design” that will make the helmet easier to wear and move around.

The new pads will be made of a material called “bumpers” and will also feature “lightweight, durable and scratch resistant foam pads,” according to the statement.

The equipment will also include a number of new, “new-look” players’ cleats and helmets.

The Browns also announced that all 16 of the team players will wear the new cleats during the season.

The new equipment will be installed in a “key-location” for the team in the locker room, the team said.

The team also said that all the equipment will not be used in practice.

The rest of the players will still wear the traditional pads and helmets for the majority of games.

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