How India will fix the problem of lactic acid in dairy producers

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The Delhi government on Friday approved the sale of a lactic-acid solution to dairy producers in Eastridge, an area near Delhi, as part of its plan to tackle the issue of lactuloses in dairy.

The lactic product, which can be bought in the local market, is intended to be used as a natural barrier against lactulose and is expected to be in use in the region in the next two years, officials said.

The decision comes as the government plans to introduce a lactose free food ration by March 1, 2018, and has set aside a total of Rs 10 crore for the programme.

The lactate is a natural acid, produced naturally in the body, which causes the production of livers and blood.

Lactic acid is a by-product of the production and fermentation of lactose, which has been shown to cause liver and kidney damage.

In a study published in a scientific journal last year, researchers found that the production, transport and distribution of lactates was responsible for more than 50 per cent of the annual global production of lactated sugars.

The Delhi government has also decided to set up a task force to ensure that dairy farmers do not overuse the lactic acids, a senior government official said.

According to the government, lactic production in Eastwood, in the district of Khera in West Delhi, has increased by a whopping 10.2 per cent since April last year and was set to reach the critical level by March 2020.

The official said the farmers have been complaining that their milk has not been able to reach their livers.

The government will be making all efforts to improve the health of dairy farmers, he said.

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