Google’s Google Glass replacement could be ready by the end of 2019, according to a new report

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By now, we’ve all heard that Google Glass is coming.

In an attempt to make sure we have the most up-to-date information about what’s going on with Glass, we’re starting to get some interesting reports out there.

A couple of reports suggest that Google is currently working on an alternative device called Google Glass 2, which is supposedly a replacement for Google Glass.

While we don’t have confirmation for either of these claims, we know that Google has been working on a new version of Glass that is supposedly faster, smaller, and cheaper than the current version.

One of the more interesting things about Google Glass and Google Glass2 is that they are very similar.

Both versions will be coming out later this year and the only difference between them is the design of the hardware.

In fact, the hardware is the same as the one that Google released back in 2018, and it will be made by a company called “Vibrant”.

So, how are Google and Vibrant going to compete against each other?

In short, it’s not too hard to guess that Google will make an even bigger push to sell Glass2 as a replacement to Google Glass1.

While Glass2 will likely come out around the same time that Google releases Glass1, the two devices will likely be released with different specifications.

So, what exactly are we looking at here?

Google Glass 1 and Glass2 are basically the same thing, except for a couple of minor differences.

First, Glass1 is currently sold as a standalone device, while Glass2 uses a Bluetooth-enabled adapter to make it compatible with Bluetooth headsets.

While it may seem odd that Google would be making such a change, Google’s intention is to make Glass2 a standalone product that doesn’t require you to plug into a PC to use.

This is something that Google tried with Glass1 but didn’t work well.

Second, while the device will probably be a standalone unit, Google will likely continue to make a variety of different versions of Glass2.

One such version will probably come with a camera and speakers that will work with Bluetooth headphones.

Another version will likely have an optical sensor to detect motion, which will probably make it a better replacement for cameras in some cases.

In addition to the hardware differences, we should also note that Google may be working on multiple versions of the Glass2, and these versions will likely feature different features.

For example, we have been told that Google plans to offer different versions for different regions, with different specs for different countries.

While Google Glass doesn’t currently support Apple’s iWatch or Samsung’s Gear VR, we expect that Glass2 would have the ability to work with those devices as well.

If Google is indeed working on Glass2 in this way, it will likely include a camera module that will be able to detect and capture video of your face.

This could make Glass 2 a more immersive alternative to Apple’s FaceTime, Google+ and Google Maps.

The final piece of the puzzle is that Google could be working with an outside vendor to make an alternative version of the Google Glass that could be compatible with other wearable devices.

For the time being, we are waiting to see what Google does with the Glass 2 that is being developed by a new company called Vibrants.

If this is indeed the case, it could mean that Google wants to focus on a standalone version of Google Glass, or a version that works with Bluetooth and other headsets.

It’s important to note that Vibrantes’ goal is not to make Google Glass better or cheaper than Glass1 (or Glass2).

They want to make the Google product better and cheaper.

Vibrancies’ plan will be to make some major hardware changes, including replacing the Glass-based sensors with something that will look a lot more like a Bluetooth earpiece.

This would allow for a cheaper replacement for the cameras and cameras in Google Glass’ camera modules.

The idea of a Google Glass-compatible earpiece will be something that is extremely appealing to Google’s users.

Google has already made the Google earpiece for its wearable devices, and this might be a step toward Google’s goal of making Google Glass even more comfortable to wear.

As far as the hardware goes, Vibrantic has been developing the Vibrantly Glass 2 for several years, and we can expect them to make their final product around the middle of next year.

With the launch of Google’s new Android Wear smartwatch, we may also see a new Google Glass successor, which may also feature a new camera module and/or an optical scanner.

As for Google’s future plans for Glass, it looks like we’ll see some major changes, but it might not be a very significant one.

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