What is the math solution to the national debt crisis?


The U.S. is on pace to run out of cash on Oct. 31, according to a new analysis from The Wall Street Journal.

But the federal government has plenty of cash.

In addition to spending, the federal debt is $18.2 trillion.

That’s about $1,600 per person.

That leaves the debt at a high level of over $18 trillion.

In fact, there is a possibility that the federal budget deficit could exceed the total debt.

What’s the math?

In a nutshell, the government runs out of money because it has accumulated more debt than it has revenues.

So, if the debt continues to grow, the budget deficit will be higher.

Here’s the breakdown of the total federal debt in the U.K., Germany, France, Australia, and the U,S., and the difference between the debt of the countries and their GDP.

(The chart shows the U of A’s debt is equal to about a quarter of its GDP.

Germany has a lower debt, but that’s a reflection of how much of the debt it’s accumulated in recent years.

The same is true of France.)

What does that mean for Americans?

We have accumulated debt that’s bigger than the debt in other advanced countries, and our spending has outpaced our revenue.

In other words, we’re spending more than we’re taking in.

We’re spending so much that the government has a surplus.

But, the problem is that we’re not getting any of the money we’ve earned.

There’s no way to repay our debts.

If we don’t run out, the U the U government will have to borrow from the private sector, which will lead to higher interest rates, higher debt, and more debt.

There are two options: (1) cut spending, which would be politically popular.

(2) raise taxes to pay for the debt, which is not what Americans want.

We’ve heard politicians say that raising taxes will stimulate the economy and help the economy.

We need to remember that when we talk about the U’s debt, the debt is just a figure that shows the size of the U economy.

And, as we’ve seen, when interest rates go up, it will affect our ability to spend, pay down the debt faster, and make things more affordable for everyone.

So what can we do about the debt?

The first thing we can do is to cut spending.

The U government is the only major country in the world that does not have an automatic spending reduction program.

Instead, the spending cuts we’re facing now are due to our deficit.

And if the budget deficits continue to grow faster than revenue, then our government will be in trouble.

That means we need to cut back on spending.

But it will take some drastic action.

There has to be a drastic cut in government spending.

In the U., we can’t just slash spending by $2 trillion from this year.

That would not only take a lot of money away from other areas of government, it would also take a huge amount of money out of the economy for a few years.

There needs to be an emergency, and then we need a huge, massive, spending cut.

But there’s also another way we can cut spending and raise revenues.

And that’s through tax reform.

Here are a few ideas: * The U should eliminate its corporate income tax.

That taxes capital gains at a lower rate than wages.

This is especially important for businesses that have a lot more capital in the form of equipment.

If companies don’t have to pay their taxes on these capital gains, then they will pay more in taxes.

In theory, if businesses are forced to pay a higher tax rate, the economy will grow.

And we would also have a stronger economy, because companies that invest more in their employees will have a higher revenue base and will pay less in taxes than they otherwise would.

* The government should allow the tax on income over $500,000 to expire in 2019.

This would allow the federal and state governments to create a system of progressive taxation for those earning over that amount.

It would allow people who earn more than $500.00 to defer paying income taxes on the excess of their taxable income over their adjusted gross income.

That way, everyone pays the same amount in taxes and there’s no incentive for people to work longer or save more.

* In order to make the U a more competitive place to do business, the Federal Reserve should allow all federal government bonds to be sold at the lowest possible yields, and instead of paying a 0% interest rate, they should pay a 1% interest fee.

* Instead of printing money to fund a massive expansion of the federal deficit, we could print more bonds.

That will stimulate demand and will help the U avoid a future financial crisis.

It also will increase the value of the dollar, which means the U would have more purchasing power, which in turn would mean we would have less debt.

It’s a win-win situation. So

math solution

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