xcel staff have been using a virtual version of a virtual workplace for almost two years

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xcel has taken a virtual approach to workforce solutions with a new virtual environment for its workforce.

The company says its new virtual workplace, which is called xcel Workroom, allows workers to work from home, work from the web and work from a desktop and laptop computer.

Its creators say the virtual environment is designed to help workers to improve their productivity, to learn new skills and to build real value.

xcel WorkRoom allows workers access to their own personal computer, an iPad and other mobile devices.

It’s designed to meet the needs of many employers, and to be available for use by staff and customers.xcel says the virtual workspace allows employees to:Work from home for up to 40 hours per week (up to 90 days per year)Work from anywhere from a mobile device on a desk in the workplace to a desktop or laptop computer on the internetWork from a computer connected to a tablet or smartphone in the office to a smartphone connected to the internetAccess the internet and email remotely on your own computerConnect to your phone to remotely work from workFind a work partner through a secure smartphone app with the remote control, which allows remote access from the workplaceWork with multiple colleagues at the same timeWork from the internet from a laptop or desktopComputer or laptop connected to tablet or phone in the same roomWork remotely in your home with a secure phone app with remote controlWork from work from an iPad or smartphone connected directly to the computer in the work roomWork on mobile devices connected to mobile phonesRemotely view and edit work documents and documents stored on your phoneRemotely manage your calendar and tasks remotelyWork from your mobile device in the Workroom using the remote work calendar appWork from Workroom remotely with a tablet in your officeRemotely access your work calendarWork remotely using the Workkit, which connects to your workroom computerRemotely share your work with friendsRemotely collaborate with colleagues remotelyWork remotely with colleagues via a secure mobile deviceWork remotely from your work phone in your work room and other connected devicesWork remotely through the internet using a secure web browserWork remotely via a mobile phone connected to WorkkitRemotely edit documents, create and edit projects remotelyShare your work remotely on the web, work in the Office, or on a connected deviceConnect remotely to your colleagues remotely

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