When you have an ear infection, get the right ear protection


Headache, ear infections, ear drops and ear masks are the top concerns for Canadians, according to a new poll.

The survey of 1,001 Canadians found that nearly half (47 per cent) said they had heard of at least one ear infection over the past year.

That includes 37 per cent who said they have been to a doctor and another 13 per cent of people who had been to an ear specialist.

The survey was conducted by Ipsos-Reid on behalf of Health Canada in collaboration with the Canadian Medical Association.

It found that 38 per cent said they would consider wearing ear protection for themselves, while 36 per cent would consider it for a friend.

Some respondents also indicated they would wear ear protection to avoid a potentially painful event, such as being hit by a bus or a car.

Among those who said ear protection would be a concern for them, one-third (33 per cent).

And among those who would consider using ear plugs, only 13 per cen, with the majority of those who were not wearing ear plugs not considering the issue at all.

One-third of people polled said they do not use ear plugs because they would not want to use them in a car accident.

They also said they don’t want to be the person who has to use ear protection in an emergency situation.

One-in-ten (10 per cent), however, said they use ear pads because they are too uncomfortable.

More than half (52 per cent, or 16.6 million) of those surveyed said they were using ear masks or earplugs when it comes to protecting themselves from infections.

This is similar to the findings from earlier this year, when nearly half of Canadians said they are using earmuffs.

But the survey found that more than two-thirds (65 per cent or 6.6 billion) of respondents say they do use earplaces or ear plugs when it come to ear protection.

The most popular ear protection option is ear plugs.

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