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12Volar Solutions, the solar energy technology company that developed Tesla’s Powerwall, has announced plans to take the next step in its solar power efforts by launching a 12Volts solution.

The company has been working on the solar panels for about five years and is in talks with a number of power producers to bring them to market.

The first batch of panels is expected to ship later this year and will be made from a material that is similar to the silicon that is used in Tesla’s solar panels.

The 12Vels solution is designed to take advantage of the high-voltage transmission lines that are already available for solar power in many countries, such as China and the United Arab Emirates.

Solar power is already cheaper than other energy sources in many places, such to the tune of around 10 cents per kilowatt-hour.

But 12Vols solutions could provide more value.

“Our solution will give consumers an option for buying solar power, in a way that they can’t now,” 12VOLts CEO Richard Pimlott said in a statement.

The panels will also be able to handle a variety of conditions, from sunny days in Australia to freezing temperatures in the Arctic.

12Volas will sell its solar panels to Powerpacks, a company in the United States that supplies solar power to the US, and the company plans to launch its solar solutions in India in 2018.”12Vols has the technology and engineering expertise to take solar power from $0 to $15 per kiloWatt-Hour in a short time,” Pimfret said.

The new solar solutions will be more expensive than 12Voles, but it is expected that consumers will be able get their hands on the panels for as little as $50 per kilovolt.

Pimlotte said that solar power is “changing the game” in terms of energy and climate security.

“The world’s top power producers and manufacturers are taking advantage of technology advances to develop a variety and diverse portfolio of products that can help achieve the world’s energy needs in a sustainable and cost-effective manner,” he said.

“With the help of solar power solutions, the world is getting closer to a world without energy shortages, and solar power could be the key to meeting this goal.”

12volt solutions

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