“Healthcare is not a partisan issue” for Democrats: Sen. Al Franken


Sen. Bernie Sanders on Monday called on Democrats to be more proactive in health care and not just vote against Republicans.

“It’s not a Republican issue.

It’s a Democratic issue,” Sanders told reporters in Washington.

“I don’t think the Republicans can control the government by having 51 votes.

I think they can control it by having 50 votes.”

Sanders, who is also the ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee, told reporters that Democrats should be working with Republicans on “progressive legislation” that includes universal health care coverage.

“We’ve got to be clear about the stakes.

“So we have got to take that seriously.” “

And when we do that, then you will see a dramatic reduction in the cost of health care,” Sanders said.

“So we have got to take that seriously.”

Sanders said the Democratic Party needs to do more on health care as well.

“The American people have a right to know what is in the Republican bill, and we have to make sure that the American people are aware of that,” he said.

Sanders also said he supported a bipartisan plan to overhaul the tax code and said that Democrats could work with Republicans to get it done.

He said that Republicans would need to support legislation that was backed by Republicans. 

“If the Republicans want to work with us on tax reform, I think that’s an excellent idea,” Sanders added.

“But the question is what is that plan?

And the reason why I support bipartisan tax reform is because the American public understands that there are too many special interests that are profiting off the American taxpayer, and that is a serious problem that needs to be addressed.” 

In the wake of President Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris climate accord, Democrats have been increasingly focused on the economy and jobs.

In his first interview as President, Sanders reiterated his stance that climate change is real and the United States needs to take action on it.

Sanders, a former independent senator, is expected to run for re-election in 2018.

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