How to fix the problem of over-zealous flu vaccines?

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By now, most people have heard about the FluMist flu vaccine.

The product is supposed to prevent flu in 80 per cent of people, and the idea has been around since 2009.

But it has been criticized by some as ineffective and expensive, and by others as a huge step backwards in the fight against the pandemic.

A new study from the University of Manitoba’s Munk School of Global Affairs says there’s another way to look at the vaccine.

It’s not necessarily about saving lives, but rather getting rid of the flu.

The study, published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, looked at the cost of flu vaccines in Canada and found that they cost about $100 per person.

That’s not a lot of money, but it’s significant.

That number is a bit higher than most people think it is, because most people are aware that the flu vaccines are expensive.

And, as with all health care costs, people tend to overpay for care.

So that number is actually closer to $80,000 per person, which is quite a bit more than most flu shots.

But if you compare it to the costs of the other two treatments that are available, which are currently available, the cost difference is negligible.

There are a few things to take into account, says Dr. Matthew Smith, one of the authors of the study.

One is the type of flu.

Another is the size of the population that needs it.

And finally, there are the costs associated with getting it, and how well it works.

The cost of the Flu Mist flu vaccine is estimated at $95.65 per person per dose.

That is $80 more than the other three treatments.

However, the study says the flu vaccine should be more affordable if it’s used to treat those with high-risk groups like people who have weakened immune systems.

So for those people, the vaccine would cost more than $80 per person to get them the same protection that they get with a regular flu shot.

And for those who are at risk, that means it would be more expensive than a flu shot in the United States, which costs about $80.00 per person for a single dose.

The costs for people who need the vaccine are similar for both treatments.

The FluMist vaccine is made by Merck and is made for people with weakened immune system.

(Photo: Merck) The study notes that while the vaccine is expensive, it is not completely free.

It has a $25 co-payment, which comes with a $30 co-pay if you’re at risk for catching the flu in Canada.

But the co-insurance is waived if you are eligible for the vaccine, meaning people who are eligible are able to get the flu shot for free.

The researchers note that they were able to collect the data on flu shots by using online data and comparing prices with prices in the U.S. So they estimate that flu shots would cost about a third less if used to people with low-risk immunity and people at high- and moderate-risk.

But they say the cost could be lower if people with high risk and people who don’t have immune systems at all were able get the vaccine for free instead of paying a higher price.

Dr. Smith says it’s a “really great thing” that the researchers are able as a group to get all the data that they need, because the flu vaccination system is complicated and expensive.

But he cautions that the results are preliminary, and more research is needed before any recommendations can be made.

“We really don’t know what the effect is on the cost.

And if we can make some recommendations, we’d really love to hear from people about that.”

He says people should be aware that their cost could vary from province to province.

“This study is really just to show that it’s possible to get an effective vaccine for $90 per person and that it could be cheaper for people in different provinces.”

He notes that the costs for flu shots are generally lower in Alberta and Saskatchewan than they are in Ontario.

In Quebec, there is a co-pays for the flu, and there are some exemptions for people under 65.

“I think people who might be concerned about the cost, the costs are actually quite low for people,” he says.

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