Why you should always use a different account for every company


Why you shouldn’t ever use an email address and password for every website, and why the same email address can have different passwords for different websites, says author Michael Cox.

In this week’s episode, he explains why he always uses a different email address for each company, why he never uses a password, and what you should do if your company is hacked.

This week’s guests: Michael Cox, author of the new book, “Email in the Cloud: The Ultimate Guide to Using Your Email, Password, and Account to Protect Yourself and Your Organization.”

In this episode, Michael discusses the difference between email addresses and passwords, why it’s better to use an anonymous email address, how to use a separate password for each account, and how to keep your company online and accessible in case of an attack.

Michael also covers a few tricks to make your passwords harder to guess, as well as some tips to make email more secure.

Michael will be answering a question from our listeners at 5:30pm ET on Thursday, June 24.

Michael Cox will also be answering questions on Twitter at @michaelcox and on his Facebook page at Michael Cox Answers.

We’ll be recording the entire episode on June 25 at 10:30am ET, but you can watch the full episode by clicking here.

If you’d like to contact Michael, please send us an email at [email protected]

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