How the Eastridge workforce solution to the saturated solution will impact the Westridge workforce

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Eastridge workers are demanding better pay, more security and safer working conditions.

“There is a lot of anger and frustration in the community,” said Eastridge resident Mark Harkins.

“There are many families who are left out, and it’s been a tough year for us.”

Eastridge’s Westridge facility has been the site of a violent standoff between the union representing Eastridge employees and the city of Westridge.

The standoff ended when a team of Westfield employees went to the facility to get an evacuation order.

The union is demanding a pay raise and more safety equipment. 

“They were trying to get us to give up the daycare we had, they were trying and threatening to kill us,” said Harkin.

“They’re really angry about how long it’s taken to get this resolved.

And we’ve been through so much already.

They need to give us a little bit of breathing room, so that we can move forward.” 

“I’m tired of the police being in the way, and the police telling us what to do, and they have no control over what they do,” said another Eastridge employee, John Smith.

“This is my job, to make sure that my family and my kids and my neighbors and everybody is safe.” 

 The Westfield workers have filed a grievance against the city.

A trial date is set for March 4.

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