Univar Solutions: Unveiling the next generation of mobile apps


Univare Systems, the makers of the Univars app, have unveiled a new mobile app called Univaram that is designed to be a “virtual assistant” for the home.

The company says that Univam is designed specifically for the family of mobile phones.

The app allows users to interact with various devices including their TVs, refrigerators, microwaves, air conditioners, and more.

Univams main goal is to provide users with the ability to “find and discover what they are looking for.”

According to Univarre, this will allow users to quickly locate items that they may have overlooked and to quickly make quick adjustments to their living space.

“This will allow the user to be more productive and more engaged,” said a press release.

Univar also says that it is focused on two main areas.

First, it is working on an AI-based voice recognition that will help users find items they may not have looked for.

The second area is the “app-as-a-service” concept.

The company says the app is “compelling for the ability of users to get personalized content from a variety of sources, and to share it with friends, family, and colleagues via a single application.”

While the new app is aimed at the family, UnivAR plans to expand its offering to other areas as well.

The startup has launched a dedicated app for children, a new video streaming app for parents, and a “video book” for older kids.

univar solutions

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