Former CIA chief to recommend the US adopt a more flexible foreign policy

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Breitbart News reports that former CIA director Michael Morell is recommending that the US move toward a more liberal foreign policy and to embrace a more diverse approach to international affairs.

In his new book, The Trump Card, Morell outlines a policy that would encourage the US to embrace an open, pluralistic, global approach, rather than a strict containment strategy.

Morell believes that the shift towards a more global approach would enable the US and other countries to maintain a stronger position in the world, with the US having greater influence in international institutions and institutions such as the UN, the World Bank, and NATO.

He says that the goal of US foreign policy is to “preserve the sovereignty of the United States, to advance American interests, and to foster the prosperity of American citizens and businesses.”

He goes on to outline a series of policy initiatives that the United State should pursue, such as: a more inclusive foreign policy that supports democratic institutions and promotes human rights; a more robust economic and trade relationship with countries of the world that is based on reciprocity and mutual benefits; an expansion of bilateral and multilateral institutions, such a the International Monetary Fund, the WTO, the G-7, and the World Trade Organization; an end to the arms race; and a more multilateral foreign policy, one that encourages regional cooperation and promotes global economic and security interests.

“We have a moral obligation to pursue this goal,” Morell says.

“The way we pursue it is by embracing a more pluralistic approach that promotes human dignity and prosperity for all, and that embraces the diversity of our societies.”

He adds that the most pressing foreign policy challenge facing the United Kingdom is Brexit.

“There is no other way.””

If we can’t manage Brexit properly, I fear that the world will suffer as a consequence,” Morel writes.

“There is no other way.”

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