‘Chegg’ to create an artificial sweetener to prevent obesity in people who already have it

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Chegg is partnering with the National Institutes of Health to create a new artificial sweeteners to treat obesity.

The company has teamed up with the NIH to develop the first artificial sweetened food to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in the United States.

Chegg will make the new sugar-free food available to its customers by the end of 2018, and the company said it is working with the FDA to test its product on people with obesity before it goes to market.

Chettos, a product that sells as a snack bar, is a brand of Chegg which is widely considered to be healthier and less costly than its peers.

Chegg will be able to offer the new product at a discount to existing Chegg customers, and consumers can order it through the company’s website.

“As we continue to invest in the science and development of our next generation of artificial sweetening technologies, we are excited to continue partnering with our partners at the National Institute of Health,” Chegg CEO Jeroen Chellenbroek said in a statement.

It is unclear how long the FDA will delay the approval of Chettys artificial sweetners for people with existing weight issues, though it is not the first time the agency has delayed approval.

Last year, the FDA also delayed the approval for a brand-name version of Chellys new sugar replacement.

There have been several other delays related to the artificial sweeten market, including the FDA delaying approval for the NutraSweet artificial sweetner for several months in 2015.

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