Which green home solution are you most looking forward to?

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Home automation, which is increasingly important for most people, is a trend that is sure to continue.

And many of the home automation systems currently available offer more than a few benefits.

One of the biggest is energy efficiency.

A new study from IHS forecasts that home automation will cost an estimated $2 trillion by 2026, which will make the process of home automation a lot more affordable for consumers.

And the researchers say that this will mean that there will be an increased demand for energy-efficient home appliances, so this trend will only grow.

Here are the top 5 green home automation solutions on offer right now:1.

Philips Hue 3 (Free for one month)The Hue 3 Home Assistant is a smart thermostat that helps you stay connected to the outside world and can help you save energy.

Philips says that it’s the first energy-saving smart thermoregulator in the world.

It’s also the first smart home device that can monitor temperature and automatically adjust the thermostatic setting based on the temperature and ambient light levels.

Hue 3 lets you set up automatic alerts that alert you when the thermoregmulator reaches its recommended temperature.

The app also lets you customize the alerts based on your home location, lighting, and even the weather.

You can even add an alarm sound and music for the next day.

The Hue 3 can also monitor your home’s air conditioner.

You will only need to enter your home information in order to get the Hue 3.2.

Nest (Free) Nest Protect helps keep your home connected to your home network.

Nest Protect lets you schedule a time when you can stay in your home or control the Nest thermostats remotely.

Nest Nest Protect can even notify you when it’s time to leave your home.

It can also send your home Wi-Fi network data.

Nest has a suite of apps that lets you control Nest thermoregs remotely and you can even control your Nest from the Nest app.3.

Alexa Smart Home (Free, $35 per year)Alexa Smart Home can help control and control all your home automation devices from your phone.

It has a built-in smart thermometer, an LED light and a microphone that lets it hear you speak.

Alexa can even give you instructions for setting up your Nest thertogeys and thermostate.

Alexa also has a microphone, which allows you to control Nest with voice commands.4.

Philips Cog Nest Thermostat (Free per month)Cog Nest thermonuclear smart thermo thermostators that can be controlled from anywhere, for free.

This smart thermonutrient is a full-featured thermostator that can also be controlled remotely by using voice commands, Alexa or other voice commands from your smartphone.5.

Hue TV Home Assistant (Free plus $35/year)Hue TV Home assistant lets you connect Hue lights to your TV and control them through your smartphone or tablet.

Hue Home Assistant can even send you live TV.

Hue can also sync the Hue lights across devices, such as smart TVs and smart home appliances.

Hue tv will also sync up to six Hue lights, which you can control remotely.

Hue thermostating will be even easier.

Hue lets you monitor the temperature of your home, and the thermo control will automatically adjust your thermostatically to keep your house warm.6.

Philips EZ Nest (free per month plus $45/year for a two-year subscription)The EZ Home Assistant lets you manage all of your Nest devices from within your home with the push of a button.

Nest can also help you set reminders and schedules, manage alarms, control the thermos and thermo controls, and more.

It also allows you access to the Nest apps for remote control and access to your Nest.7.

Nest Hue Plus (free, $40 per year plus $25/month for a three-year membership)The Nest Hue is a thermostot that is also connected to a Hue TV.

It includes a Nest sensor and an infrared sensor, so it can measure your indoor temperature, light level and humidity.

You’ll also get a remote control for controlling Nest thermo devices.

Nest will also automatically monitor and send your Nest weather data to the cloud so you can keep track of your house’s weather conditions.8.

Google Home (free for one year)Google Home will make it easy for you to get your own smart home devices, so you don’t need to be in a room with other people.

You also get access to a number of apps including Google Play Music, Google Assistant, and Nest Learning.9.

Nest Cam (free)Nest Cam allows you connect your Nest Cam to your smart home and use voice commands to control your lights, thermostates, and smart appliances.

The Nest Cam can also get alerts from your Nest and can be used as a smart alarm clock.10.

Amazon Echo (free with Alexa, $55 per year with Alexa Voice)

green home solutions

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