NFL Network is expanding home and business solutions to cover more than 400 million homes and businesses with more than 40 million customers


The NFL Network will now offer more than 4,000 solutions that connect the most popular products and services to homes and business, NFL Network president Chris Mortensen said Thursday.

The company also is expanding its home and enterprise business solutions portfolio.

The network is already offering more than 50 solutions, Mortensen added.

A new home and home office solutions package will offer more choice, he said.

For example, the new product will include a variety of solutions that can connect to the network, such as a secure email account, a personal assistant that will send emails and social media notifications, and a secure camera that will be available in the home office and on a connected video system in the living room, he added.

The network also is now offering more business solutions, including more than 150 solutions that integrate with Microsoft Exchange and SAP integration.

They include security solutions, mobile apps and cloud solutions, as well as data management and compliance solutions.

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