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Posted October 05, 2018 07:16:00 The healthcare industry has been rocked by a new scandal involving the company that makes a popular vaccine for people with certain diseases.

The scandal broke when the US Food and Drug Administration discovered a “virus” in a vaccine that the company was distributing.

The company’s chief executive, Anthony S. Fauci, was fired in the wake of the scandal, and now faces a separate investigation into the scandal.

The investigation is focusing on whether the company’s vaccine may have been contaminated with the deadly coronavirus.

In the wake for the company, it was reported that the vaccine may not be safe for people who have certain medical conditions.

The vaccine, which is sold by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, was supposed to be administered to people with acute myeloid leukemia and lymphoma.

The FDA said the company will now review the vaccine, but the company said it will make changes that it says will improve the vaccine’s safety.

“We have seen many instances of vaccine safety problems that have been reported in the past, but we have not seen a case of vaccine failure,” Wyeth CEO Paul Fleischer said in a statement.

“As soon as we have the facts, we will act accordingly.”

The FDA has asked the FDA to conduct a safety analysis of the vaccine and also to conduct additional tests.

The department is also investigating the company about how the vaccine was distributed to employees.

Wyeth said it has launched a program to educate employees about vaccine safety.

Wyenbs vaccines have been sold by several vaccine manufacturers in the US.

The vaccines are distributed through pharmacy chains and online through various distributors.

The Food and Drugs Administration is also reviewing how the company distributed the vaccine.

The companies company was not immediately available for comment.

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