Why do companies keep hiring only white people?


In a recent interview with The Huffington Post, Katie Couric explained that the rise of diversity in tech is not a trend, but an inevitability.

The “trend is that diversity is going to get more people of color into positions, more women and people of all ages are going to have opportunities.”

Couric went on to say that these new roles will require a change in how the company operates, so she and her team decided to look at the data and see how diversity impacts the way the company treats its employees.

We talked to Katie Courica about why it’s important to create diversity at your company, why the new role is critical for your company’s success, and how the workplace should work to accommodate diverse groups of employees.

The interview can be seen below.

In our first interview with Katie Courics, she talked about why diversity is important to her company, her vision for the future, and what to do to make your organization more inclusive.

This is her first interview since joining the CFO ranks.

What’s important about diversity is that it’s the beginning of the beginning.

You have to have a vision for what you want the company to be, and that’s really the beginning, and it starts with the leadership.

You’re the ones who have to articulate that vision, and then the board will make decisions.

What do we need to do?

Do we need new leadership?

Are we the right people to lead this company?

And it’s about finding out what the right answer is, what’s the right vision for this company, and where do we want to go.

You just have to ask yourself, what do we really want to be?

And then it’s just a matter of getting the people in there, putting them there.

And then if the people fit in, great, and you don’t have to change anything.

But what about people who are white?

Why do we hire them?

Why are we so comfortable with that?

Because it’s not just a question of having the right culture or the right climate or the appropriate environment, it’s also a question about how we think about the diversity of our employees.

And that’s a really difficult question to answer because the data doesn’t lie.

But you can ask people.

And you can find people that fit into your organization, that are the right fit for your organization.

But, you know, the reality is, you have to start somewhere.

And, as Katie said, if we don’t start at the top, we’re not going to make it anywhere.

So what is the right environment for our company to work in?

You know, it can be really challenging, because you have a diverse workforce.

You can find a place that you can really grow and flourish and grow as a company.

But we have to think about our customers first.

And what are the things that we have that are really critical that we need as a team?

And if we start to be more inclusive, we can actually be the best company in the world.

And I think that’s what you should focus on.

You know?

That’s what I would say, and I would also say that the answer to that question, if you’re the CEO, the president of your company.

You should really focus on that, because the answer is really critical, and if you don and you’re not careful, you’ll end up like the people that you hire.

And the right way to do that is by really thinking about the right questions, and being honest about your values and values of inclusion.

But I would like to say, if that’s not possible for you, then you’re in the wrong place.

If you’re an executive, then I would really love to have you.

You’ll find a really diverse company that’s working for you.

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