When bleach disinfectants aren’t as effective as they used to be

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The US Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning about how bleach disinfection systems that use chemicals to kill bacteria are affecting how bacteria are killed in the U.S. source USA TODAY title What’s in your bleach?

A look at the different types of disinfectants available here article In its latest batch of disinfectant recommendations, the FDA recommends using bleach to kill all non-essential bacteria, such as those that cause respiratory illness and urinary tract infections.

However, the agency recommends using only disinfectants that are effective for these purposes, and it cautions that this is only a recommendation.

The agency recommends that if you’re using bleach, you use only a small amount of the product, and you don’t use the product to wash hands.

The disinfectant should be applied to a dry surface and should not be sprayed.

In its recommendations, FDA also recommends that anyone who is using bleach is also taking steps to ensure their personal water, dishwashing, and shower facilities are sanitized and disinfected to avoid exposure to any harmful chemicals.

The FDA recommends that you wash hands after use with bleach and that you use a water disinfectant with a high water-disinfecting capacity such as sodium hypochlorite or sodium chlorite.

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