How to fix your eye contact problem in under 30 seconds


If you have trouble seeing the face in front of you, you may be facing an eye contact issue.

But it’s not a problem you should ignore, according to the National Association of Social Workers (NASW).

Read more You could also be having a bad day, say experts at the NASW.

“You’re going to be in a very uncomfortable situation and it’s going to affect your ability to concentrate on your work and to be able to perform at your best,” said NASW’s Sarah Hill.

“If you have a problem with eye contact, that’s a problem that’s going go to your head.”

If you’re having trouble seeing yourself in front, try using a mirror instead of a phone screen, or turn your phone off.

Some employers require you to use a phone or other device to view employees, but the NASMW recommends that people not use a device when in the workplace.

In a study of 2,907 women aged between 25 and 34, about half were wearing contact lenses.

Only about one in 10 women were wearing them when they were not at work, the study found.

The report also found that while contact lenses were linked to higher levels of eye contact in men, they did not appear to be linked to women’s lower levels.

eye contact solution

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