Why lexisntexis risk solution could solve your cybersecurity problems


Posted April 15, 2019 18:15:22The new Lexisnexi technology that’s been coming out of LexisNexis’ Research Lab has a number of advantages over existing solutions, including the fact that it doesn’t rely on the user’s location to provide an identification number.

But there are some other benefits too.

“If the user wants to be protected, if they want to stay anonymous, it’s really difficult to use a system that doesn’t have location,” said Scott Stinson, head of research at Lexis Nexis.

That’s because, unlike most other security technologies, the system doesn’t require the user to have a password to use.

Instead, LexisEXIS will ask the user for a unique code.

That code is generated on the fly, and can be sent to the device’s GPS system and sent through the app on the phone or tablet the user is using to authenticate.

This allows the user, or any other device that has the app installed, to authentify the device.

In the future, Lexicense could also use the same technology to verify a person’s identity or the authenticity of a photo or document.

“If the person has a smartphone or a tablet that has been connected to their Lexisnexus, then that’s the next step.

If they have a Bluetooth device, that’s where it’s going to come in,” Stinson said.

As far as security goes, Lexissnexis is still in the early days of the new technology.

But the company is confident it can secure its own network, Stinson added.

“We think the security model is secure and it’s safe.”

If you’re looking to find a security solution that will help protect your business, you should probably check out the latest Lexisexis Security Report:

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