US is poised to declare ’emergency’ over Ebola virus, quarantine, quarantine zones


By Peter WallstenFox News | July 27, 2014 08:19:25Today is the first day in history that the United States has declared an emergency over the Ebola virus.

President Barack Obama’s order also declared a quarantine zone and an emergency declaration of national disaster for those affected by the virus, according to White House press secretary Josh Earnest.

Obama has said that the U.S. is prepared to help with the containment and control of the virus in the affected countries of Liberia and Sierra Leone.

The order is the result of a meeting on Wednesday between the White House and leaders of the countries affected by Ebola.

The meeting was part of the response to the outbreak, and the administration was expected to announce additional aid on Thursday, Earnest said.

The U.K. also said it was declaring an emergency.

It also said that it would suspend travel to the U,S., U.N. headquarters and other U.A.E. destinations and that all health workers would be asked to quarantine.

The U.s. said on Friday that all people traveling from the U to the UK will be asked for their medical records and tested for the virus.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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