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What if I’m a business owner?

Business owners often find themselves in a bind.They must keep up with changing technology, adapt to new laws, and meet new customers.But they may also need to balance the needs of a growing business and the need to maintain a loyal following.Asking yourself: What are the business’s core strengths?What is the most important way to


How to find a solution for a water leak?

The issue of leaking water from a toilet is becoming more prevalent in the country.A water main that was damaged by a water main break has now become a popular spot for the locals to urinate.Water main break in Adelaide’s Northgate section.A water main broke off the Southbank line at Southbank, causing a water pipe

Brain health

Induction solutions staffing company: 3 new hires

Posted September 05, 2018 07:10:56A new company is looking to fill its staffing vacancies and bring more new employees to the crypto industry, according to a report.VTech Solutions, based in Palo Alto, California, announced a partnership with the crypto currency exchange Bittrex to provide the solutions and services to the startup, the Wall Street Journal


FourFour Two – HP solution center

FourFourThree has obtained internal documents that outline the plan for a new energy centre in the oilfield services sector.The centre would be based in Wuhan and run by China’s energy giant, CNOOC, the documents reveal.The CNOOX unit was founded in 2012 as the successor of China’s National Energy Administration (NEA), but has yet to deliver