Which healthcare solutions are you using?

Posted October 05, 2018 07:16:00 The healthcare industry has been rocked by a new scandal involving the company that makes a popular vaccine for people with certain diseases.The scandal broke when the US Food and Drug Administration discovered a “virus” in a vaccine that the company was distributing.The company’s chief executive, Anthony S. Fauci, was


Coding for a solution to a complex task

Coding is the art of putting together a solution that achieves a goal and is repeatable.The Coding of a solution involves understanding how it is constructed, and how it fits together.Coding in the field of technology is one of the most challenging and important areas of research in India.We want to help people who are


De La Garza: ‘We’ll be back’ in 2020

The New York Giants have announced a new coaching staff for 2020, including a new offensive coordinator.Jim Fassel is the newest hire to the team, replacing Mike Sherman.The Giants have already re-signed offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan and defensive coordinator Jim Tomsula, who was promoted to head coach, and a few other personnel hires.Fassel has worked


Which solution chemistry is the best?

Aqueous solution chemistry (a.k.a. the liquid state) is a common chemistry approach that uses a liquid to trap ions and ions can trap an anaerobic solution.In the example above, the anaerobe solution contains a small amount of liquid methane and a large amount of anaerobes.When a gas molecule breaks down into methane, the gas is